LetsPlayLive – PUBG Pro Season 3

Welcome to PlAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS! For this season, PUBG will have a $7,500AUD prize pool across all divisions. Check out the action from the Pro Division on CH200. See how some of Australasia’s best PUBG players face off for prizes and gaming glory. Showing: Mondays at 8:30pm.

Covid-19 Update, brought to you by Deaf Aotearoa

Sign Language COVID-19 Updates

Working with Deaf Aotearoa and iSign, we provide full-screen NZ Sign Language of major COVID-19 updates and media briefings, resulting in feedback from the Deaf community signaling an enormous improvement to important information in real time during the ongoing health pandemic.

Music: From the Hip

Live Music From the Hip. New Zealand is full of talent and From the Hip is here to bring you that talent. We record Live and present you a live performance, we do not alter the audio in post. What you see is what you get. Currently showing Series 2. Showing: Wednesday nights at 9:30pm

Juice TV - Celebrating Charlie Watts | Photo by Pablo Nidam in Scopio

Juice TV

Channel 200 broadcasts Juice TV 18 hours per day Juice TV is back! A new era of independent music television. New videos and classic tracks every day.


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